The Last Minutes Before Valentine’s Day – 3 Gifts That You Can Still Buy If You Hurry

The clock is running down, less then two days to go. What we want, a great gift. What we don’t? To buy flowers at a gas station or to stand on a line at the local florist that is so long it should end at an ark. We only have a few hours, but if we act now victory is with in our grasp. Here are three gift suggestion to get it done in to time for Cupid’s arrival.

  • flowers20 Multi-colored Valentine’s Tulips With a Ruby Vase and Chocolates - $29.98 – Who doesn’t like tulips? You get the flowers the vase, the candy, boom. With taxes and a delivery charge you’re looking at 40 bucks. If you want to add a nice touch have it delivered to her job. Women love getting flowers in front of other women.
  • forkBook a Romantic Dinner With OpenTable- Search dozens of places for the best ratings and deals. Opentable lets you see which restaurants still have available tables and you can book one right on their website. This close to the holidays everyone thinks its too late, it isn’t.
  • hotelBook a Weekend Getaway on Groupon – Nothing more romantic then just getting away from everything for a day or two. You could purchase your Groupon getaway, print it out the confirmation and put it in a nice card. Now the two of you have something to look forward to. 

So there you are. Three ideas to help you on your quest for romance. Good luck to you.

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