Here Comes Cupid – 3 Valentine’s Day Deals For Your Sweet Heart

valentineV-day, less than a week away. It’s time to make some choices. You don’t end up one some 50 person line at the florist on “Valentine’s Day” paying triple the price for whatever flowers they got left. I’ve been there, never again. The price of everything spikes this time of year, but don’t worry. I have found some deals for the special people on your list. Here they are:


  • Half a Dozen Gourmet Dipped Fancy Berries $19.99 – Listed for $35 dollars, you are getting them for nearly 40%off. The reviews on the site are strong, the majority of customers really seem to like them. Is 20 bucks a lot for 6 strawberries, maybe. If you enroll through “Big Crumbs” you get another 7.7% off, that helps.
  • godivaA Box of Godiva Chocolate- I have given many boxes of chocolate from Godiva to my loved ones on many special occasions. They are the “Cadillac” of chocolate makers. You can get 15% off orders of $60-300 dollars if you use the promotion code “heart” or you can get 20% off of orders from $75-300 if you use the promotion code “arrow”. Both codes expire 2/15/13. Big Crumbs“, is offering 8.4% cash back on top as well.



  • A Nice Pro Flowers Bouquet – I have used these guys several times, they always exceed my expectations. Their flowers arrive with the flowers budding so they last for days. They also offer a nice price range in their offerings. Others sites just want to get you to 100+ dollars as fast as possible. ProFlowers understands that you might have a mother a sister, a wife, and a daughter, you can’t be shelling out bouquets at 100 dollars a pop. “Big Crumbs” is offering 10% back if you buy through them.

So there you go, three deals to stop Cupid’s Arrows from hitting your wallet. Keep in mind that the closer we get to Valentine’s Day the more expensive shipping will be.

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