How I Saved 18 dollars, Helped American Workers, Got a Pair of Sneakers, and Walked Away With Two Bucks and Change.

For the last few years I have made a conscious decision to try and buy “American Made” products whenever I can. Every Monday I build on this commitment buy sharing various “American Made” items with my readers in an effort to further that cause. “Made in the U.S.A. Monday” is one of my favorite articles to write each week, it renews my faith in American manufacturing and it encourages me to seek out interesting and unique items. When the “Future Bride” and I have a house of our own we plan to furnish it with many of the items that have been featured on this site.

The very first thing I bought when I decided to buy American was a pair of “New Balance” sneakers. I have owned several pairs in the years since and I have been very happy with all of them. Last month I decided that it was time to buy another pair.American Made New Balance I clicked over to my favorite online New Balance store, Joe’s New Balance Outlet and found  some running shoes that I liked. They retail for $77.99 and Joe was offering them for $59.99. A good price, but I knew I could do better.

I then paid a visit to “Big Crumbs” to see if they were offering any cash back. I have written about this site in the past. You log in to Big Crumbs, you select a product or retailer and they transfer you to that site. If you purchase and item, Big Crumbs gets a referral and they split that money with you. The cash back on my sneakers was $2.40, lowering the cost of my sneakers to $57.49 a total saving of $20.50 below the retail price.

The shipping was free, I got my sneakers shortly after and I really like them. They look great, the tread on the bottom is thick and deep, and on the back of the tongue are the words “Made in the USA”. That might be my favorite part.

So if you are looking for some new running shoe’s check out “Joe’s New Balance Outlet” and sign up for “Big Crumbs”. Building deals, saving money, and supporting American jobs. That’s what this site is all about.

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