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When I was a kid my family and I went on vacation, I can’t remember where, I think Pennsylvania. What I do remember vividly is these wooden signs my mother bought from a local craftsman. They were personalized with our family’s name carved into them. She also bought signs for my Grandparents and my Aunts and Uncles with their respective family names carved in and gave them as gifts. To this day, many years later, we still have our sign.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWoodcarving is a dying art, cheap plastic  replacements items have flooded that market. People no longer have the patience or commitment to learn such a craft. Call me old fashion but I prefer a nice sturdy wooden sign to a flimsy plastic one. Its true that a hand carved wooden sign is a little more expensive, but I would say that it’s worth it. Quality always cost more.

Al Pisano is a “dimensional artist” who has been refining his craft since the 1950’s. He created the “Piazza Pisano Studio” in Miami Florida where he supervises a team of craftsmen who manufacture his products. 

Finding a craftsmen who is not only dedicated to his work, but is also interested in employing American workers is regretfully rare thing these days. Mr. Pisano’s offerings are vast and varied. Small businesses might enjoy his chalkboard carvings, they offer a classic charm that many customers would appreciate. Homeowners might be interested in his many door signs.

This “Friends Gather Here” sign caught my eye. My future Bride is a bird lover and I really like how the blue contrasts with the wood color. A door topper like this is a nice inviting message to all those who come to visit. Little touches like these add charm to a home.  I believe that one of the best compliments you can receive is when someone asks “Where did you get that?” It’s easy to buy mass produced products, its also boring. Be unique, support an American artisan and his workers. Take a look at what they are doing over at “Piazza Pisano Studio”.

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