Who Wants a Free Short Stack of Pancakes from IHOP?

When I was a kid we had an IHOP in my town. It looked like most that I have been to, a giant blue roof that you could see from a mile and inside a huge open ceiling. We would sometimes go after church with some of the other families from my parish. When I was older my friends and I would ride our bikes over and meet up there. Most days I ate cereal for breakfast if I ate it at all. The prospect of sitting down and having hot stack of pancakes was always appealing to me. I can’t put my finger on it, but it was fun going there. Even now if I dive by an IHOP and someone in my car says “Hey, let’s go to IHOP”, my first inclination is to agree. I don’t go very often any more by IHOP’s upcoming promotion has peaked my interest. 

ihopEver since 2006 IHOP has hosted a “National Pancake Day” and given out a FREE short stack of buttermilk pancake to celebrate the event. This year that day falls on February 5th, this Tuesday. Each guest is entitled to one free order of short stack pancakes at participating IHOP locations. In return you will be asked to consider making a donation to the “Children’s Miracle Network” or other local charities. 

Since the start of this promotion IHOP has managed to raise 10 million dollars for charity. This year they have really raised the bar and set a goal of 3 million dollars. Please keep that in mind this Tuesday, celebrate National Pancake Day with a free stack of pancakes and donate to someone in need. Just look for the blue roof. 

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