I Have My Waze

I am a television news cameraman by trade. Everyday my reporter and I are sent out into the world in search of a story. This search had once required maps and now uses GPS. I can remember buying my first GPS device back in 2004

for nearly 700 dollars. Today you can buy a quality GPS for under 100 bucks. While this is a great bargain I have found something better. FREE!

Yup no cost, quality, feature rich GPS. Please allow my in introduce you to “Waze”, a free GPS app for your smart phone. Seems to go too be true? That’s exactly what I thought, but free is free so I decided to give it a shot. 

All I can say is wow! I downloaded the app to my phone and was using it in minutes. The interface is very user friendly and the routeing is fast and reliable. The best thing about “Waze”  is that it is a “social GPS”. It turns all of its users into data points. Users can report traffic delays, accidents, speed traps, red light cameras, and road construction. This information goes into the network and warns you of upcoming obstacles and can reroute you around them if you choose. “Waze” can also plan multiple way point trips and in it’s newest version it can help find you the cheapest gas prices along your route. 

The only trouble with this app is that it’s a batter hog. Since your phone is now a GPS the screen remains on for your entire trip. If you don’t have a car charger for your phone you will certainly need to buy one. Still, this is a small price to pay for such a great little program and you can’t beat the price.



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