Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Wolfgang Candy

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, candy, flowers, thoughtful cards, and trips to nice restaurants. As with most things, it’s not often what you do, but how you do it. The special little details can make all the difference. Don’t just give any box of chocolates, give a special box.

American Made candyPerhaps a box from “Wolfgang Candy” in North York Pennsylvania. Begun in 1921, this is one of the oldest family owned and controlled candy companies in the United States. Now on their forth generation of candy making, the people at Wolfgang know their business. When you buy from them you won’t have to worry about getting some bland generic box of chocolates.

These Peanut Butter Bears caught my eye. They are just one of their many offerings on the companies website. You can select something from their Valentine’s Day section or search out that perfect candy that you know your loved one enjoys. If you hear someone ask your Valentine “Where did you get those chocolates?”, you will know that you hit it out of the park. Not only that but you helped support a family owned American business. 

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