Zite – The Newspaper 2.0

Several years ago an older man and I were talking about the internet. From my personal experience older people seem to view the internet as either this evil force that they don’t understand or this wonderfully magical thing that they don’t understand. The exception to this rule is my grandfather. When I asked him if he wanted to get a computer and go online his reply was, “I’ve lived 80 years without a computer just fine, I think I can live the rest of my life without one.” Anyway this older man was shocked when I told him that I don’t subscribe to a newspaper.

“How do you find out what’s going on in the world then?” he asked. I told him, what you clearly already know, that almost all of the newspapers in the world put their articles online and I search through them and pick the ones that interest me. He was floored. Great change has away of doing that. The entire media and entertainment complex has been struggling to find its way in this new digital frontier. Everyone is still trying to figure out how to navigate this fast paced world of social media and smart phones.

ziteOne company that is doing it particularly well is Zite. They have created a type of personal news magazine where you are the editor. You select topics that appeal to you and Zite locates articles that you might find interesting. Zite monitors your activity and tries to adjust the articles towards your tastes. You can also tell Zite what you think by liking or disliking an article. 

I gave Zite a test run on my iphone. I choose broad topics instead of specific sites. I selected technology, finance, and photography. Zite took in this information and up came all these articles in an easy to read format. All I can say is “wow”. I was surprised at how many useful articles popped up. Microsoft is buying into a Dell computers buy out? Tap. Look at that new wide angle lens. Tap. What are the most anticipated gadgets of 2013? Tap. Before I knew it I was lost in a sea of articles that I was really enjoying. I could honestly see myself using this app everyday.

I guess if I saw that older gentleman again I would tell him that now I do have a newspaper, Zite.

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