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Recently a friend of mine mentioned that he was frustrated because his dog’s favorite treats had been discontinued. When I ask why, he told me that the treat makers had been using chicken from China and that the chicken was filled with hormones and antibiotics. In some cases these antibiotic laced hormone filled treats were causing dogs to become sick and the offending product was pulled from the shelves. I was shocked and asked “Why would you give your dog treats with chicken from China?” I couldn’t believe someone would do that. He told me that he had no idea where the chicken came from.

With more and more of out food products being out sourced to other countries it is becoming very important to investigate where the ingredients are coming from. No one wants to eat products that are filled with low quality and potentially dangerous components. With this in mind I went looking for American made pet food that is formulated with an eye towards quality. Healthy food makes a healthy dog. 

dog foodFlint River Ranch was started in 1993 by Jim Flint who set out to make healthy, good tasting, all-natural cat and dog food. Their products are made without artificial colors, by-products, or chemical preservatives. They offer foods for all ages of dog and cat and offer them in a variety of flavors. In addition to food, they also offer treats as well as chew toys. 

Many of the reviews I read about “Flint River Ranch” products were glowing. I mean 5 out of 5 stars. You can purchase them from the “Flint River Ranch” website directly or at online retailers like Amazon. The only complaint I could find about this pet food was the price. A 20lb bag of dog food cost $39.99, which is a little bit on the high side. I would argue that the health of my dog is worth a few extra bucks, particularly if the dog enjoys the food.

So if you would like to give your dog or cat a protein rich, healthy food that has all of the ingredients your dog needs and none of the junk that they don’t please consider some of the offering from “Flint River Ranch”.

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