How to Remove the “FBI Moneypak Virus”

A month or two ago, my mother called me and told me that “something is very wrong with the computer.” I came over to look and fold that the screen was locked onto   a very serious looking message that included an FBI logo. The message claimed that the computer owner had broken the law and had to pay a 200 dollar fine to unlock the computer. As I was trying to figure out the situation my mother said “I don’t know what we did, but maybe we should just pay it.”

This is when I realized why criminals make these things. If a hundred thousand people a week get this virus and only 1% pay the “fine” the criminals would net $200,000.00. Millions of dollars a year are pouring into the pockets of these guys from innocent people who are being tricked into thinking that they are paying a fine.

I explained to my Mom that this was a new type of virus called “ransomware,” it locks your PC until you pay the criminals responsible and then they unlock your computer. At least hat what I’m told, I would never give my money to such people and I have my doubts that they would even unlock my computer once I did.

I told my mom that I would take care of it and three hours later I managed to remove the virus and unlock the computer. It was a nasty little bugger and really gave me a hard time as I tried to find a way to remove it. If you are having a similar problem or if you find yourself dealing with this virus in the future, here are the steps that I took to remove it.

  1. Power down you computer.
  2. Turn your computer back on and hit the F8 key.
  3. This should bring up a black screen with gray or white text, select “Safe Mode with Networking”
  4. Your desktop will look a little weird but you should still be able to access the internet. Open up your browser.
  5. Go to and download “Malwarebytes Anti- Malware”. This is a great free anti-virus program.
  6. Install “Malwarebytes” and run a full system scan, this should take a little while.
  7. Once the scan is complete “Malwarebystes” should have found the virus. Tell it to fix all.
  8. Once the virus has been removed restart your computer. 

If you were successful you won’t see that fake warning screen. Run another virus scan to make sure that you got everything. If that is clean then you probably beat the virus.

I hope this article helps save you the time and headaches that this virus caused me. Please keep it in mind if you are ever unfortunately enough to experience this awful virus. 

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