Sell 200 Dollars Worth of Gift Cards Get a $20 Bonus

This is the time of gift cards, the holidays have past and our dresser draws and glove boxes are full of them. I love them, but sometimes I get gift cards for stores that I don’t often use. I wrote about selling your gift cards a few weeks ago, but I recently discover a promotion from PlasticJungle. This site is one of the biggest players in the online gift card buying and selling market. From now until the 19th, if you sell 200 dollars worth of gift cards to PlasticJungle you will get a 20 dollar credit towards your next gift card purchase.

In order to get the 20 dollar credit you have to sell 200 dollars worth of give cards in one shot. They don’t  have to be from one store they just have to hit the 200 dollars mark. When you sell your gift cards you can select one of three payment options, an Amazon gift card, paypal, or cash. 

I have always advocated the selling and buying of gift cards as a great way to manage your monthly budget. If you have a pile of gift cards that aren’t doing anything you might want to sell them to Plastic Jungle. Free up some cash and get a 20 dollar bonus to boot.

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