Made in the U.S.A. Monday – “No Feathers Please” Pillows

When it came to pillows it used to be that feathers were the only game in town. Now people have choices, wool, cotton, even rubber are all used to stuff pillows and all of them are available at “No Feathers Please”. Some people are allergic to feathers, while others prefer the feel of cotton or wool. All of the pillows from “no feathers please” are made from materials that are pesticide and chemical free. When you think about how long your face and head spend on your pillow this is a vert comforting fact.

This organic woollie pillow, that not a typo, is filled with uncombed and uncarded organic wool. It sells for $79.00 for the standard size, it is made in America, and comes with a three year warranty.

If your current bedding is starting to get a little worn, please take a look at some of the products from “No Feathers Please”. 

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