Getting Even More Value Out of Groupon

I’ve stated so before, I really love Groupon. I have used it to get discounts on hotel packages, hair cuts, meals, and probably a few other things that escape my memory at the moment. I’ve also mentioned how much I enjoy BigCrumbs with its cash back earning goodness. Well much like chocolate and peanut butter, two things that are great alone are even better together, you can now use BigCrumbs to get cash back on Groupon’s already great prices.

Big Crumbs’s is offering potentially up to 5.6% cash back of your Groupon purchases. The amount of cash back may vary by the offer, but any cash back is great as far as I am concerned.  If you were to charge the Groupon to a rewards card, you would be getting a Groupon deal, with Big Crumbs cash back, and either credit cards reward cash back or points. That’s building a great deal.

So next time you are on Groupon looking for a weekend trip or a discounted restaurant meal, don’t forget BigCrumbs.

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