Think Ink. Stop Paying Too Much for Ink Cartridges

It’s never a good time to run out of ink. You click print on that resume file or report and… nothing? Huh? You look down at your printer and the “low ink” error message is flashing. No! No! No! You open up your printer to find that you are out of cyan? I don’t have any cyan in my cover letter! Why do I need cyan to print a back and white document? Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for that, but I can tell you where to find ink at a great price.

I’ve written about this before, but I was reminded of it yesterday when my printer ran out of magenta ink. Fortunately for me I have three of them sitting in my desk draw. I bought them from last summer. They cost 5 bucks each when you buy three or more and shipping is free if you spend 50 dollar or more. At the Staples website, the name brand cartridges cost $15.99. If I bought 3 of each color and 4 of the large black cartridges it would cost you $75.04 at The same order at staples would cost me $228.86 before shipping and tax!  

To make an amazing deal like this even better, if you sign up at you can earn 19.6% back at, that $75.04 gets chopped down to 61 dollars with the help of a cash rebate. 

Why go to a store and pay over 200 dollars when you can have home delivered ink cartridges for $61? Something to consider the next time you see the words “low ink” blinking on your printers display. 

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