What To Do With Those Unwanted Gift Cards?

This is the time of year for gifts. Some gifts we love and others, well not so much. This is also true of gift cards. Sometimes we get them for stores that we don’t shop at too often. I am not a coffee drinker and I know that most people are so I often get gift cards to coffee places. Fortunately for me, my future bride enjoys coffees so I just give them to her.

In other cases some people would just rather have the cash. In either event many people will opt to sell their gift cards. If you are interested here are what I would consider your two best options.

  • Ebay – This is a good place to sell gift cards, you will often get 90-95% of the value of the card (depending on the store). Ebay’s use of EbayBucks really helps entice buyers to spend on their auctions. The only downside is that you will have to pay to mail the gift card and the fees associated with Ebay and Paypal. That being said, thousands of gift cards sell every week on Ebay.
  • CouponTrade – This site allows you to set the price of your gift card and can even tell you how quickly it will sell at various prices based on previous sales data. Many cards often sell with in a few hours. They charge a 10% fee, but they will provide you with a free shipping label to ship your card and they offer cash and paypal payment options. 

After weighing the variables of both sites, Ebay seems to have a slight edge on price, while CouponTrade seems to be slightly quicker and more convenient. Either site will help you move those unwanted gift cards and help turn them into cash. 

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