This is Why They Pay Me the Ebay Bucks

When I was little my grandfather took my brother and I to the local playground. Along the way he noticed a penny on the sidewalk and pointed it out to us. Unimpressed, my brother replied, “It’s just a penny”. “That’s true”, he said “but if you found 10,000 pennies in your life time you would have a hundred dollars. My brother thought it over for a moment and picked up the penny. This is the core belief of this site, that small actions on our part can gradually build wealth over time.






This idea can be practiced on the popular auction site Ebay by using their “Ebay Bucks” program. This promotion allows buyers to earn 2% on qualifying items that are purchased using the PayPal payment option. Ebay bucks are accrued over a three month period and made available to the user on the fourth month. You have that entire month to spend the “Ebay Bucks” that you have earned.  

If you already have Ebay and PayPal accounts the enrollment takes seconds. This program would be most beneficial to hobbyists, business, or individuals that frequently make purchases on the site. I often use Ebay to save money on blu ray movies. These films normally retail for 20-30dollars can often be found here for 10-15 dollars. If I were to spend 500 dollars on various items over a three month period, I would earn 10 dollars or one free blu-ray movie. Not the best deal in the world but I’ll take it. 


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