The Final Hours – You Can Still Pull This Off!

I work in the news business and every year on Christmas Eve my station sends one unlucky reporter and one unlucky cameraman to the war zone know as the mall to find and interview last minute shoppers. It’s pretty easy, the stores are always packed with desperate panicked shoppers. Some of them manage to pull it off, some give up, and other just buy anything. They grab terrible gifts that no one really wants just so they have something to give. Don’t be that guy/gal, don’t be the one that gives up, and you don’t even have to be the one that pulls it off. Believe it or not, even with mere hours until Christmas you still don’t have to go to the mall or even leave your house. PiggyBankBuilder has got you covered.

You can’t have anything shipped at this late hour, but you can print something whenever you like. With that in mind here are three gifts that you can print or e-mail:

  1. Concert Tickets – Everyone has a favorite band or comedian, with a quick search you can find the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list. Click on over to or stubhub  and look around. Perhaps your niece would like tickets to see “Taylor Swift” or “One Direction”, or some basketball tickets for you brother, or some “Rod Stewart” tickets for your parents, and who doesn’t like Kevin James or Jerry Seinfeld. If you’re not sure check their FaceBook or Twitter pages, see what they are talking about or ask their closest family member. The best part is you can print the purchase conformation right from the comfort of your own home. With a little research you could be the gift giving hero of the holiday.
  2. Groupon – A lot of people use Groupon for themselves, but you can also give them as gifts. A trip to the Spa or a nice weekend getaway would make a fine present. Search around the site, pick your gift and print. Check marks are starting to pop up all over your list. 
  3. Printable Gift Cards – Now you don’t have to go to an actual store to purchase gift cards. Websites like Amazon and let you design and print/e-mail gift cards in any denominations you like. Since this technically is “Made in the USA Monday” here a PiggyBankBuilder, I would encourage you to buy a gift certificate from the All American Clothing Company”. I own several pieces of clothing from them, they are comfortable and durable and best of all you will be supporting American workers.  
So there you are a few great options to help you overcome your procrastination and find some great gifts for your loved ones. I hope this helps, Merry Christmas. 

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