Save $5 on Walgreens Web Pickup

The way we buy things changes everyday. Twenty years ago almost everyone bought everything at an actual store, now anything you need is a click away. Companies have to adapt to these changes if they want to survive and thrive. Recently Amazon began their “Subscribe and Save” program, it offers free shipping on discounted groceries. I wrote an article about this and found that not only was this service convenient, but Amazon’s prices were better then many of its competitors. 

Now Walgreens has entered the mix with their “Web Pickup” service. Interested shoppers can go to the Walgreens website, select from a list of local participating stores, and shop. The selection of the site is identical what you would find in the physical store, it even has a “hot buys” section for on sale items. Once you make your selection and pay your order is bagged and waiting for you at that local store.

At most stores your order can be retrieved at the photo counter. You can pick the order up your self or designate someone to do it for you. Send your teenager or spouse to pick up the groceries with no concern that they will forget something or order the wrong item. This is also great for older shoppers who have trouble getting around. In some cases, depending on the store, curbside pick up is available for added convenience, you don’t even have to get out of your car.

“Web pickup” orders qualify for Walgreens “Balance Reward” points and right now they are offering 5 dollars back on your first “Web Pickup” order ($20.00 minimum, expires 1/1/13), just enter the code “WEBPICK”.

So if you like the idea of walking in and walking right out with pre-bagged groceries then you might want to give Walgreens “Web Pickup” a try.

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  • Cindy

    This does seem super convenient :) And it also seems like a great way to avoid buying unnecessary items, by being sucked in by store marketing. I know I have a moth to light tendency to look at everything in the store, so just getting what I need by pre-ordering saves time & money.