The Shop Savvy App

The shipping window for online shopping is closing, you are going to have to go to the mall. No worries, I have another app to help you on your quest. In all the madness of the last minute gift rush its easy to just buy what’s on the shelf and head for the exits. This is a bad idea as it can cause you to overpay.

ShopSavvy is a smart phone app that allows you to price check an item by scanning the bar code with the camera on your phone. You frame up the bar code and once its in focus the app grabs it and checks the price at several online and local stores. It can then provide you with a map of nearby locations selling the item you are interested in, pricing information included.

You can now shop with the confidence that you are getting the best price. If an item is out of stock at one store you can search for it at others. It’s a great tool to help you finish your holiday shopping. 

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