Affordable Gifts With A Wow Factor

It won’t be long before your reach the moment of truth in the gift giving process, the look on the recipients face when they open the wrapping and see what you gave them. This one expression usually says it all. Here are a few clever present ideas that might bring a smile or two and keep them talking about your gift for years to come.

  • Lasso Wine Bottle Holder $27.50 – One part wine holder, one part optical illusion. A memeorable conversation peice that any wine connosuer should love. 
  • iphone 5 Retro Cassette Case $22 – A great gift for the 80’s kid in your family. This life like case disguises your iphone as an old cassette tape, modern wrapped in nostalgia. Now you can tell the kids in your family one of those “In my day we…” stories.
  • Gummy Goods NightLight $28- A pleasant inviting nightlight to help your little one get over their fear of dark or a great room decoration for the big kid in all of us. The switch is activated by pushing in the tummy, an adorable touch. 
  • Wearable Planter No 1. $30 – For your favorite gardener or lovable tree hugger, a living plant that they can wear.

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