The Gift of Pet Adoption

Hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs end up in shelters ever years. Each of them has a unique and often tragic story and all of them need a good home. Adopting a shelter pet might be the greatest gift you ever give your family. For those who are willing and able the love and companionship of the right cat or dog can last many years. 

Shelter pet adoption costs a fraction of buying a dog or cat from a kennel or breeder. In many cases a large amount of medical care is provided before you take the animal home with you and you may be saving your pet’s life, as many animals are killed every year at shelters that just can’t handle the volume of lost or abandoned animals. 

Resources like are great tools in helping you find the right pet for you. You can search locally for animals by size,age, and gender. Most ads include a picture of the potential pet and a description. As a life long dog owner I couldn’t helped but be moved by some of these stories. 

Stories like “Snickers” a Scottish Terrier Mix, a baby who was abandoned in an empty house with his sibling. They found their way to “Friends of Strays Inc” in Salamanca NY and they put up an ad for them on PetFinder. The ad describes Snickers as a little afraid and insecure, but I am sure the right family could cure that in short order. Scotties are scrappy little dogs that have big personalities. It won’t be long before Snickers and his sibling are running the place.

Now pet adoption is a serious things and should not be taken lightly, but if you are looking to ad a new member to you family it can be very rewarding.

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