Made in the. U.S.A. Monday- B.A.D. Bags Duffle Bag

Of the many reasons that I suggest to people that they buy American made products one of the most important is built quality. We like things that are made well and made to last. Well “Best American Dufflebags” or BAD Bags out of Seattle Washington is a textbook case in durability. Made from seat belt grade materials (Have you ever heard of a seatbelt snapping? Me neither), each of their bags comes with a lifetime guarantee, not 90 days, not a year, the rest of your natural life. When was that last time you saw that?

Bad Bags, like this Duffle #3 come in wide range of colors and sizes. The Duffle #3 cost $90.00. Smaller duffles cost around 70 and larger massive rolling duffle bags can cost around 180 dollars. 

This may very well be the last gym bag or carry on you ever buy. Why save a few bucks on some cheap imported bag, when you can buy a quality made American product? B.A.D Bags, check them out. 

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