BigCrumbs – CrumbShares? Interesting.

I have written about in the past. For those of you who are not familiar, it works like this. You join BigCrumbs, its quick, easy, and free. Then you search for what you are looking for on their site. Let’s say you wanted to buy microwave and you know Sears is having a sale. You search Sears, click the Sears link, and you are redirected to the site.  Now you just go about shopping as usual and if you buy something you get the rebate amount, in this case up to 4.9%. 

So if you bought a 150 dollar microwave, you could get back around 7 bucks. Pretty nice. I have been a member for a few months and have earned $9.15 back in that time. It’s not quit my job money, but every little bit helps. I really like this site because not only does it help me find deals, but if I find a deal I can search for the store through BigCrumbs and take the cash back reward amount on top of my deal price.

Yesterday I received an interesting e-mail from BigCrumbs. In an effort to grow, BigCrumbs is offering users shares of the company. For every dollar you earn at big crumbs you will receive one share. If BigCrumbs is ever sold your shares will be worth money. How much? That depends on several factors such as the sale price of the company, how many shares you have, and how many shares are in existence. 

When would all of this happen? It may never happen, but I already like the site enough that I would consider this a nice bonus. I’m not counting on it, but if it happens great. It just another reason to join BigCrumbs. Rebates, referral bonuses that never expire, and now shares in the company, all great reason for me to recommend BigCrumbs. 

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