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I read the other day that 70-80 percent of Holiday shopping is done at traditional brick and mortar stores. I dread the mall, but I understand that some people like to hold an item and give it a once over. For those of you who are brave enough to endure the traffic and the parking and the crowds and the lines, I have a nice little app to help you figure out if you are getting the best price. 

“RedLaser” is an amazing app that allows you to scan the bar code of a product using your phones camera. The app then looks up the item and can provide you with price information as well as reviews. Now you can see if the store you are in is offering you the best value or if you would be better off buying online or from a nearby competitor. 

I wrote an article the other day about a surround sound system that I am giving as a Christmas gift. I received the item yesterday so I went over and I scanned its barcode with RedLaser. 

Up popped the local retailers offerings. As I searched through them I noticed that the prices fluctuated widely from store to store. Target was offering it for 70 dollars more then BestBuy. If you used RedLaser at Target you could ask them to match Bestbuy’s price, they will often do that. You can now get a nice surround sound blu-ray system for $209.99 instead of $279.99.

If you pair this app with the others that I mentioned in a previous post you can combine great prices with the added value of coupons. Now you are not only finding deals, but you are building on them. Very nice. 

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