The Gift You Give Yourself

Whenever I find myself in a gift giving bind I usually go with the gift card. While they aren’t the type of present that will be remembered forever, they are very useful and convenient for the recipient. Today though I am not talking about buying a gift card for someone else, I am talking about buying one for you.  Why? Savings of course.

Not too long ago Ebay was the center of the second hand gift card universe. You could sign on and purchase most gift cards for 15-25% of their face value. Back then it was fairly common to buy 500 dollars cards for 400 dollars. Regretfully, this is no longer the case. Too many people flooded in and the competition has dried up the market. 

In the wake of this shift several gift card reselling sites have popped up on the web, but the one the offers the most convience is This site sets itself apart from the rest by combining deals from other sites into its database. This gives you the ability to see several deals at once instead of searching from site to site. 

Savvy shoppers will often seek out credit cards that give from 1-6 percent cash back on their purchases. By purchasing second hand gifts cards you will often save 5-20 percent in most cases. If you use a cash back credit card at check out you can tack on an additional 1-2 percent on top of that. Very nice.

The goal is to buy gift cards for store and items that you buy on a weekly or daily basis like your morning cup of coffee or you Friday afternoon smoothie. In this example that I lifted from the site you can buy  a 75 dollar Jamba juice card of about 60 bucks. That’s like getting two free smoothies!

We are creatures of habit. If you sit down and figure out where you often go for many of your daily purchases you can usually find gift cards for those places on this site. Buying these seond hand gift cards is an easy way to save a hefty percent and reduce your budget in the process.

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