Made in the U.S.A. Monday – MyVeryOwnHouse Cardboard Playhouse

It probably only happens once in a childhood, maybe twice if you are really lucky. Someone you know buys a refrigerator and they give you the box! A box so big you can stand inside it. You turn it into a fort, you cut out windows, you draw on it. For a few days, until your big brother jumps on it and flattens it, that box is the greatest. A free toy that every child loves, it shows up unexpectedly and then it’s gone.

The people at My Very Own House have found a way to recreate that experience and you don’t have to buy a large appliance to do so. Based in Ohio, they make and sell several cardboard structure from a cottage to a pirate ship to a castle. These little play worlds offer your kids hours of fun and entertainment.

With working doors and windows and huge canvasses for them to color your children can make these little structures their own. For around 30 dollars you can give your son or daughter their own little world, a place away from the computer and the television. Old fashion fun made in America. 

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  • Eg Kaufman

    If I won, I would put my GC towards 2 of these for my boys!!!