You Can Always Find a Better Deal.

I am sure you have figured out by now that I love a good deal. I am always looking for the best price, but even I can slip up. That was the case with my Christmas shopping this year. 

I like to buy my parents and my sibling a big gift every year. It’s usually a piece of electronics, last year it was an ipad.  My family does so much for me, this is one of the ways I like to give back.

This year I thought long and hard about the “big present”. I am getting married in May so I can’t shoot for the moon this year. Still I knew that if I thought on it long enough I was sure I could find a great gift. Then it hit me.

Last Spring I found and amazing deal on a 50 inch Samsung TV that I told my parents they had to grab. The old standard def set int he basement had done a fine job for 13 years, but it was time to go HD. They agreed and the new television looks fantastic. The only trouble is the sound, they are using the TV’s built in speakers.

My Dad will argue that it sounds fine, I disagree. I was watching “Walking Dead” a few weeks ago when I decided that they really need a nice surround sound system, I had found the “Big Present” of 2012. 

To go one better I opted to spring for a Blu-ray combo package. High def movie viewing and amazing sound, my family is going to have the complete movie viewing experience.

My parents aren’t audiophiles so a large sytem would impress them, a nice midrange system will do the trick.  I checked my usual sites, Cnet and Amazon. After reading up on several systems I finally settled on the  Panasonic  SC-BTT90. It’s a 3D Blu-Ray Surround Sound System and the Amazon reviews were very strong. It retails for $299.99 and Amazon was selling it for $260. This was right around the price range I wanted and I added the player to my cart. 

Then I started to think, “Maybe I can find a better price.” Now I know Amazon is the big daddy of internet retailers, but it doesn’t hurt to look. I searched and managed to find the same surround sound system for $199.99 from Sears. Yes, Sears beat Amazons price and just like Amazon they gave me free shipping. I saved another 60 bucks with a 10 minute Google search.

The lesson, just because a site will often give you the best price, doesn’t always mean they will give you the best price.

Please keep a few things in mind. I will often see lower prices from retailers that I have never heard of. I am always weary of buying from companies that have to track records, or worse they have bad customer reviews. Is a few dollars in extra saving worth the headache of possibly getting a re-boxed or damaged item? You should also be mindful of manufacturers referbs, these are items that were sent back and repaired and are now being resold at a discount. I have bought a few items like this for myself, but I don’t think I would give them as a gift. The potential for trouble is too high and I want my loved ones to get a hassle free gift or at least one with a solid warranty. Please check the description carefully when you are shopping for your gifts. 

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