Avoid Phone Overage Charges with Pinger

Every now and then I get a text that really bugs me. It always comes from the same “guy,” it can come at any time and when it does it’s bad news. The overage text. The one that tells you that you are about to go over your minutes or your text message limit. I got one yesterday, I am almost over my minutes and they don’t reset until December 7th. What? That’s over a week away! 

Now  I have to tighten the belt, only call people in network, call on nights and weekends, and limit my usage when I can. It can be a real headache, but the alternative is to pay a much bigger cell phone bill. I have found a solution to this problem and it comes in the form of an app called “Pinger.”

Pinger is a free app that allows you to make free phone calls and send free text messages through your wifi connection or phone network. It provides you with your own working phone number and can be used on Apple or Android devices. 

I can think of several uses for such an app:

  • Turn your ipod touch or ipad into a phone. I met a guy yesterday who had done this. He used the Pinger app to turn his ipod touch into a cell phone. He claims that it works so well that he has eliminated the use of his cellphone and with it his cell phone bill. That’s a little risky for my liking, but certainly worth a try. 
  • Use your pinger number as a free second line. If you want to separate your work calls and your personal calls you can use your pinger number for one set of calls and your traditional cell number for the other. This not only cuts down on cost but it also helps simplify your life.
  • Controlling your minutes. If you have a friend who is out of network and is always using up your minutes,you can call them with your Pinger number to prevent overages. The same would go for text limits, if you are sending too many texts you can switch over to Pinger and send as many as you like for free.

Two things to consider. Pinger can still rack up data usage on your phone so you should pay attention to that. Also, Pinger only gives you 10 free cell phone minutes a month. However, you can earn minutes by watching videos and taking surveys. You can also buy Pinger minutes, they cost 19 buck for 1000 of them so its pretty cheap.

I just started using Pinger this week, so far everything seems to be working as advertised. I will continue to use it and report back in the near future. Please follow me on Facebook to get up to the minute postings of articles and answers to any questions you might have. 

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