Time to Take a Look at Some Watch Deals

In the last few year the prices of wristwatches have nose-dived. The clock on our cell phone tells us what time it is these days. Still, at the very least, watches have become jewelry. Aside from a wedding ring, a wrist watch is often the only pice of jewelry most men wear. It might be a little old fashioned, but rolling back your sleeve to give someone the time is a little classier then digging in your pocket or popping your cell phone off a belt holster.

A watch is not only a gift but a gesture. It is given to mark milestones, handed down from father to son. Like a fine pen, it stands a part from most other gifts.

Here a few nice watches at incredibly low prices that you might want to consider:

  • Stuhrling Original Men’s Classic Delphi Mechanical Skeleton Silver Dial Watch Set $74.99 – At 84% off this beautiful watch is a steal. I really like the contrast between the blue roman numerals and the white background. I also like how you can see inside the watch and look at it’s gears. 
  • AquaSwiss Unisex I Watch in Blue $154.99 – This watch retails for almost 1000 bucks. The deep rich color and build quality would make it a very nice gift. Whoever you gave it to would certainly think it cost a lot more then 150 dollars.
  • Shurling Original Men’s Nautical Nautico Sport Swiss Watch $159.49 – Some guys just love a nice big chunk of a watch. If thats the case then this is the one for you. A watch like this is also great for people who enjoy boating or other water activities as it is water resistant.
So there you are just a handful of great watch deals for you to consider. Please find me on face book if you have any questions.

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