Made in the U.S.A. Monday – A.F. Boots

“Made in the USA Monday”only has two requirements, that the item being shown is made or assembled here and that the price is reasonably competitive with other products in its category. For the last several weeks I have tried to find a pair of boots that fit the bill, but was unable to do so. I can show you almost a dozen amazing boot manufacturers who make fantastic hand made boots from the finest materials. The only trouble is that those boots cost 400 dollars. 

Well, persistence pays and I found “Allegiance Footwear” located in Mountain City, Tennessee. They make military grade, water proof boots for around 100 dollars. Sure you could probably find a pair of cheap Chinese made boots for 60 bucks, but I doubt they would fit as well or last as long as a pair of A.F. Boots.

My current boots are on their way out and you can bet that I’ll be asking Santa for a pair of “Black Battalion” boots made by “Allegiance Footwear.” With winter right around the corner you might want to buy a pair yourself. 

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