3 Great Apps to Help You Get the Best Shopping Deals

Some of us are coupon cutters, most are not. I think we would all like to be. Whenever someone ahead of me on line says, “I have a coupon for that,” I always kick myself. Now with the smart phone revolution a bunch of apps have popped up that allow you to find and share coupons right from your phone. No scissors, no clipping. Here are three that should help you not only find the best deals on your holiday shopping, but your everyday purchases as well.

  1. Coupon SherpaThis app provides you with a list of stores that can be searched by category. You select a store and various coupons are presented to you. If you like the deal you select “View Coupon” and up pops the coupon with bar code. You present this screen at check out. The cashier scan the bar code like a paper coupon and you get the discount. I thumbed through the app this morning and found a coupon for “$100 off purchases over $300 when you pay with a Visa card” at the Coach Factory Outlet. That sounds like a great bargain on already low outlet prices.
  2. Snip SnapWhile paper coupons may be on their way out they can often yield the best savings. This app offers you the ability to capture those paper coupons in your phone and file them away for later. You simply take a picture of the coupon that you are interested in and SnipSnap coverts it into a scannable bar code that can be presented at check out.
  3. Retail Me Not – This app offers may of the same features as SnipSnap and Coupon Sherpa such as searchable categories and scannable barcodes. What makes it unique is its ability to notify of deals nearby. If you are walking around the mall this app can detect your location and share coupons of nearby stores. 
With these three app in your phone you should be able to search out and find some great discounts. Three apps and a few taps could help you keep a few extra bucks in your pocket.

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