Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Kiss My Face

More and more these days food recalls seem to be popping up in the news. American companies out source food production to foreign countries with little oversight. Next thing you know you are hearing about lead in your latte mix and semolina in your dog food. You need to really pay attention to where your household good come from, now more then ever. It’s advisable to buy from responsible domestic manufactures who focus more on quality then cost cutting. Companies like “Kiss My Face” located in Gardiner New York.

Started in the 1980’s on a farm in upstate New York, “Kiss My Face” incorporates high quality, natural ingredients into their products. They believe that plant based ingredients rather then chemicals are not only better for the consumer, but the planet as well.

My future Bride uses their products and thinks very highly of them. With a wide array of offerings “Kiss My Face” can meet most of your hair and skin needs.

If you are interested in naturally made products produced right here in America you might want to pay a visit to the “Kiss My Face” website

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