Save Money Heating and Cooling Your Home With Nest

Do you heat and cool your house when no one is inside it? Did you know that changing your thermostat just one degree can lower your energy bill by 5%? Would you like to shrink your heating and cooling bill by 20%?

Enter “Nest”, a programmable smart thermostat designed by the same man who helped create the iphone. Aside from its beautiful design “Nest” offers many features that help you reduce your energy cost with out sacrificing comfort. It has the ability to learn your heating and cooling preferences. Every time you adjust your “Nest” thermostat it notes the time and the temperature. As it builds up its database and learns your daily schedule, it will automatically adjust your household temperature to the levels that you prefer. 

“Nest” can adjust the temp to save energy an hour after you fall asleep and an hour before you wake up. It also has an auto-away feature, it will adjust the temperature to a more efficient setting when you are not in the house. If you leave for work every morning at 7:00 am, it can switch to the away temperature shortly after you leave the house.

“Nest” also has an app that works in conjunction with you smart phone, computer, or tablet. It allows you to control and monitor your thermostat from anywhere. It will also provide you with and energy log and suggestions about how you can improve your energy efficiency. 

I recently go to visit someone who had a “Nest” thermostat in her home. She confirmed all of the great things I have read in reviews. The “Nest” is futuristic and well made. When I turned the steel ring around the unit I could feel the build quality. The face of the “Nest” bears an amusing resemblance to “Hal” from Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”.

The “Nest” thermostat costs $249.00, but that expense can be recouped through energy savings by the second year of ownership. Studies have shown that over a 20 year period it can cost over $30,000 to heat and cool a home. If you could reduce that expense by 10-20% you would save around five thousand dollars.

Innovative design, great build quality, an energy savings make a very compelling case for “Nest” as your next thermostat.

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