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When the economy starts to get tough the first things most people do is to cut back on dining out. Instead of steaks you have hamburgers, chicken parmesan is replaced with pizza. It’s the quickest and easiest way to shrink your monthly budget.

While your fiscal responsibility is admirable sometimes you just want a good meal. Sometimes your crave a good steak or a nice lobster. Not to worry, the fine folks over at have you covered.

Launched in 1999 pairs hunger deal seekers with local fine dining establishments. The site is simple, you punch in your zip code and up pops a list of nearby eating establishments. Each locale has preselected a discount level that they are willing to offer. The majority of places offer the $25 dollar certificate for $10, that is you pay 10 dollars and are given 25 worth of food. Some places will offer larger deals like $100 for $40, but those are slightly rarer. I think the best deal for a date night is the $50 certificate for 20 bucks.

So you find a place you like, buy a $50 certificate, you can either print it out or have one mailed to you. You take your certificate to your local restaurant, and you dine. The bill comes and it’s $58 dollars. You give them your certificate and another 20 dollars for the balance and the tip and you just got a $70 meal for forty bucks. Talk about a bargain.

Taking the family out for someone’s birthday? You can bet the $100 certificate will go a long way with a party of five. Nothing hurts more the a the three digit bill, ease it with the help of 

When I first went to the site I had a few questions and the customer service chat agent answered them for me. First off, the certificates don’t expire. Secondly you can’t use the same one twice. That is, your bill total has to meet or exceed the amount on your certificate. Each restaurant lists their limitation and requirements right beneath their offerings. Finally you can only use this at the same restaurant once a month. You can do to as many different places as you like, but repeat business should only be once a month.

So there you are, a great way to reduce your dining out budget with out downsizing on quality.  Check it out.

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