Would You Like $800 in Airfare or a $500 Amazon Gift Card? – SouthWest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premiere Card

(Please note that this reward has changed, You now get one round trip ticket ($400 value) for spending $1000 in the first three months)

I’ve said it before, if you aren’t making most of your purchases through some type of reward program you are losing out. Cash and debit transactions are a missed opportunities. Every time you go to the gas station or a restaurant you should be using your credit cards to earn travel miles, cash back, or reward points. With a keen eye and minimal effort you can take advantage of some great opportunities. 

Rewards like those offered by SouthWest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premiere Card. The offer is simple, you enroll and if you are approved all you need to do is make $2000.00 in purchases in the first three months. With Christmas right around the corner, you could use this card to make most of your holiday purchases and you would be well on your way. 

Once you satisfy the requirements you are awarded 50,000 bonus points. These points can be applied towards airfare, knocking $800.00 off of the cost of your flight. They can also be used to redeem gift cards at retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart. Every 5000 points is worth around 50 bucks.

With this card you could reduce the cost of a vacation or pay for shorter flights to visit loved ones. If you don’t travel 500 bucks worth of gift cards can really go along way, perhaps towards a new plasma TV or that portable generator you’ve been meaning to buy.

Every dollar spent on AirTran or SouthWest flights earns you 2 points, you earn 1 point on every dollar spent on everything else. The card has a 99 dollar annual fee, but every time you renew you are given 6,000 points as a reward.

As always, I would caution against carrying a month balance as that would erase any of the money earned in bonuses. It’s always best to pay your month balance in full.

If you like to travel domestically, this card might be perfect for you.

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