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Wait? Where did Halloween go? Thanksgiving is next week? That can’t be right. But it is. The Christmas freight train is on the tracks and its gaining speed. If you want to find the best gifts at the lowest prices you have to plan. No one wants to be the guy/gal in the mall at 4:00pm pm Christmas Eve wandering about and wondering what the heck happened. Between now and December 25th I will do my best to make sure that isn’t you. With that in mind, here is one for your browser’s bookmark.

A good buddy of mine clued me in on one of Ebay’s best features, the daily deal. You can find it on Ebay’s home page, under the “Deals & Gifts” tab, click “Daily Deals”. Once you do dozen and dozens of products will pop up, most of the at giant discounts. You can simply navigate down the page and select any items that might fit someone on your Holiday shopping list. 

As an added bonus if you enroll in “Ebay Bucks” you can earn cashback. I have written about this before, this program will give you 2% back on most Ebay purchase. Afforadable gifts, money back in your  pocket, Win-Win. 

Here are a few items that I found today:

An Asus 15.6″ LED Laptop Intel i3 Dual Core 320GB/4GB Windows 7 Red K53E-YS31-RD for $409.00, free shipping, no sales tax charged in most states.  A great entry notebook from a rising brand.

Samsung T27B350ND 27″ LED Full HD 1080p HDTV Television & Monitor for $239.99, a new, in the box TV, great for any bedroom or dormroom, free shipping included as well. It can also be used as a giant computer monitor.

One word of caution. As with everything one Ebay these items are coming from thousands of individual sellers. Please check that anyone you are buying from has a good Ebay rating. Also watch for refurbished items. I have bought referbs in the past, but I know some people are not comfortable with them. The bottom line is make sure you take the extra time to research any items that you are considering buying before you lay out your hard earned cash.

So there you are, Ebay’s Daily Deals, another tool in you Holiday Shopping 2012 Toolbox.  

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